Chapter 1160: Great Losses on Both Sides

Everyone’s spirits lifted when Prince Zhao took out his Skyclearer Talisman. The mass of cultivators started gathering around the prince. Those from the three third rank sects, the rest from the fourth rank sects, and the royal representatives–all acted with one mind. Even the wandering cultivators began to edge closer. They wanted to ride the prince’s coattails out of this mess.

His face black, the prince issued a command to Ole Zhang and those from the three third rank sects. “Cut down every man who showed hesitation. I’m not interested in taking those fence-sitters out with me.”

As soon as Prince Zhao gave his orders, Ole Zhang and the experts from the third ranks sprang into motion. Like tigers hunting down sheep, they pounced upon the group of stragglers on the outside.

Their targets were utterly shocked. They never thought that the prince would attack them. The people who had showed hesitation were relatively few in number. They were either wandering cultivators or visitors from outside the region, possessing no advantage in numbers or raw strength....

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