Chapter 1157: A Bloody Fog

Jiang Chen was also caught in the vortex. He was able to protect himself with his superior speed, but he wasn’t able to escape its powerful suction. He reached for a spacetime seal and held it gently in his hands. He would crush the seal as soon as he sensed that his life was in danger and be teleported into Veluriyam Pagoda’s Six Palaces of Heritage.

Fortunately, even though the vortex had an extremely powerful pull, it didn’t contain a shred of lethality. That was all for the best as he didn’t want to use the spacetime seal lightly.  

The free falling sensation ended in just a few breath’s time. The crowd had all ended up in a sea of red misty fog. The red fog was the same exact color as the bloody mist surrounding Sir Miao when he transformed into a demon. However, this patch was even thicker and felt even more eerie and sinister.  

Sir Miao’s transformation had given others only an uncomfortable feeling, but this sea of red mist sent chills down everyone’s spine. The vortex disappeared...

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