Chapter 1156: The Giant Rock Formation

Complicated looks graced the crowd’s faces for a time. Even Imperial Prince Zhao looked grave and beckoned Jiang Chen over. “Little Chen, tell us everything you know in detail.”

Jiang Chen had prepared his script early on, so he immediately responded with, “I was attacked by both Granny Goldneedle and Sir Miao at the same time, but for some reason the two of them suddenly fell out with each other afterwards. Granny Goldneedle was no match for Sir Miao, and she tried to escape Cloudshatter Mountain. However, she was devoured by a kind of energy when she reached the edge of the formation. It was then I realized an unknown power has blocked the way out of the formation completely.”

“What happened to Granny Goldneedle after she was devoured?” Prince Zhao had heard of the old woman’s name. He knew that she was a third level emperor realm cultivator.

“There are no more signs of life. She’s probably dead.” Jiang Chen sighed.

“What about Sir Miao?” Prince Zhao asked again.

“I killed him.” This wasn’t a lie at least. “After I killed Sir Miao and discovered that the way out was completely blocked, I didn’t linger and immediately made my way here. However, these people...

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