Chapter 1155: Imperial Prince Zhao

The heated argument came to a halt when the powerful factions began speaking. 

“Old Zhang, your virtuous and upright reputation commands great respect from us. Forgive us for our ignorance, but we never knew that you’re a royal representative?” 

“Yeah! The royals are surnamed Yan, but you are a Zhang! How do you expect us to believe that you represent royalty?”

The three great sects took turns to speak their mind. Their fear for the royal family was evident, but that didn’t mean they feared any random royal representative. They would never willingly forego such a valuable treasure unless the Great Yan emperor was present. 

Old Zhang smiled blandly. The response from the three great sects was within his calculations. He looked leisurely at the side, his eyes gleaming meaningfully. 

“It seems the three great sects only acknowledge royalty! Very well. Imperial Prince Zhao [1], the representatives of the great sects have asked for you. It’s time to reveal yourself!”  

What? The crowd was dumbfounded. 

An ordinary looking, middle-aged...

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