Chapter 1154: An Enormous Stone Forest

Old Man Clearcloud and the Silversand Cavalier traded a look. Jiang Chen’s explanation didn’t alleviate their concern one bit. According to what the young man was saying, Sir Miao was nothing more than a pawn. Even the Resplendent Emerald Veranda master wasn’t likely to be the mastermind. If that was true, then no one who’d entered the mountain today could escape. If a mere pawn was this strong, wasn’t the mastermind sure to be a hundred times moreso?

“What kind of ability is that demonic cloud? Getting close to it is enough for my consciousness to waver. My entire body feels uncomfortable because of it. It’s like i’m suffocating.”

“That’s a long story and now is not the time. Just remember that you shouldn’t be touched by the demonic cloud. Protect your consciousnesses well. The demonic cloud is one of the most aggressive abilities the demons have and belongs to an equally aggressive branch.”

The demon race had many branches. The formation and usage of demonic clouds was a method that belonged to the blood demons. The blood demons were the most murderous and vicious of their brethren. The word...

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