Chapter 1153: Lingering Fear

Sir Miao’s strength was fit to bursting after transforming into a demon. He thought he’d be able to easily dispatch this mysterious half-step emperor cultivator, but things didn’t go as expected. Not only did he fail to trick the enemy, he was the one being controlled like trapped prey, unable to struggle free.

The fatal attack arrived as he was still panicking. A terrible Vermilion Bird image descended from the sky in dominating fashion and headed straight for his face.

“No!” Sir Miao barely had enough time to emit a bloodcurdling scream. The powerful image enveloped him in a sea of flames a second later. By the time it passed through the corrupted human, the man was no longer anywhere to be seen. The sea of flames was so hot that the image dyed the sky red when it surged upwards!

Even Old Man Clearcloud and Silversand Cavalier had to retreat a couple of kilometers before they barely dodged out of the way of the terrifying attack.

“Damn, that is too scary. It’s completely comparable to an attack of sixth or seventh level emperor realm. Who is this young man?” The Silversand Cavalier muttered in shock.

Even if discounting...

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