Chapter 1152: A Lethal Blow From the Vermilion Bird Image

Now demonized, Sir Miao had ranked up several times both in terms of speed and power. But no matter how much he increased his raw characteristics, each and every one of his techniques was easily predictable. Jiang Chen’s Golden Cicada bloodline allowed him to ignore Sir Miao’s demonic clouds and his tempered body countered the melee attacks. Therefore, he felt no pressure whatsoever despite Sir Miao’s rampage.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t skimp on making full use of his extraordinary perception. When Sir Miao began a new pouncing attack from his demonic cloud, Jiang Chen paid close attention to it. The trajectory he saw made his heart skip a beat. “Careful, gentlemen!”

He made several hand seals as he called out, creating streams of magnetic force between Sir Miao and the other two wandering cultivators. The force couldn’t shackle Sir Miao completely, but it was effective to a certain degree.

Thanks to Jiang Chen’s reminder, Old Man Clearcloud and the Silversand Cavalier realized just in time that they were the real targets....

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