Chapter 1151: Sir Miao Turns Into a Demon

Sir Miao never imagined that the young cultivator he deemed to unworthy of attention would be able to overpower him completely, despite just being at half-step emperor realm. He was third level emperor realm to begin with. After he joined the demon race and obtained some of their secret arts, his combat power was top tier amongst the four great wandering cultivators.

He’d originally thought that he would be able to take down this cultivator with ease. Realization of how naive he was quickly followed. Not only was this half-step emperor cultivator not easy to deal with, his opponent had the complete upper hand!

If there was a list announcing those least afraid of the demon race in the Divine Abyss Continent, Jiang Chen would absolutely be ranked among the top. The young man wasn’t afraid of the demon race not because he possessed unparalleled strength. He just wasn’t afraid of them in the first place. This was separated Jiang Chen from the cultivators of Divine Abyss Continent the most.

As the son of the Celestial Emperor in his past life, his knowledge was exceeded by no one in all of the heavenly planes. The demon race wasn’t unfamiliar to him, and he could never bring himself to fear them.

Demons were but one of many races his father ruled over. At the time, they were just an average race in the Taiyuan Plane and utterly incapable of stirring much waves. That was why Jiang Chen had a psychological advantage to begin with. 

Strength-wise, he had many advantages as well. It was true that he was just half-step emperor realm, but it was also true that he couldn’t think less of the average emperor realm cultivator. This was without mentioning the bag of trump cards he possessed.

Sir Miao had learned some superficial arts and technique from the demons in return for his submission. It had allowed him to rise in the wandering cultivator community like a meteor. However, it was one thing to be famous there, and another thing entirely to fight Jiang Chen.

Even a third level emperor realm cultivator of a sect would find themselves hard pressed to battle the current Jiang Chen. Ultimately, Sir Miao was just a wandering cultivator. He might have learned some superficial demonic arts and techniques, but a shortcut was still just a shortcut. Foundation-wise, he was incomparable to Jiang Chen.If Jiang Chen were to unleash the trump cards he possessed, he could absolutely slaughter Sir Miao with no difficulty. The only reason the wandering cultivator was still alive was because Jiang Chen hadn’t gone all out against him. Even then, Sir Miao was finding it very difficult to deal with Jiang Chen’s ghost-like attacks.

Of course, he himself hadn’t used his own trump cards either. But, he had a reason not to use it despite his precarious situation.

Currently, Old Man Clearcloud and Silversand Cavalier were taking a neutral stance and refrained from joining the battle. The moment he used a demonic art and exposed himself, the number of enemies he had to face would immediately increase. Old Man Clearcloud and Silversand Cavalier would definitely turn on him.

Sir Miao felt tremendously pressure from Jiang Chen. This can’t go on. This guy will run me dry and kill me if this continues. Sir Miao’s handsome face was now deathly pale. A savage grimace flickered through his features. He had to make a gamble!

He secretly activated his demon arts. Suddenly, his pale white face turned eerily red, almost as if he was drunk on alcohol. Waves of red, cloudy light dimmed and brightened on the surface of his skin. Every vein in his body came alive and expanded as a terrifying, harsh aura flared imposingly.

Jiang Chen didn’t look surprised by the transformation. A scornful smile sprung to his face instead. “Finally revealing your true self, hmm?”

A flame-like mark appeared at the center of Sir Miao’s forehead. It glowed piercingly and looked almost like a strange eye. The bizarre transformation stunned both Old Man Clearcloud and the Silversand Cavalier.

“What… what’s this?” Even Granny Goldneedle could feign indifference no longer as she stared at Sir Miao with great astonishment.

In the martial dao world, there were plenty of martial arts that forced one’s bloodline to evolve. This was especially true for the cultivators who cultivated the power of a totem. Bloodline evolution was a norm to them.

Sir Miao’s transformation did look like the berserk transformation of a bloodline power. However, the similarity between the two transformations were superficial. As he transformed, he also exuded a strange aura that intimidated and struck fear in people’s hearts. It meant that this was no ordinary berserker transformation.

“…has he truly surrendered to the demon race?” The Silversand Cavalier muttered to himself. His expression turned serious, and his eyes were full of wariness.

Old Man Clearcloud was also frowning deeply. It was obvious that this turn of events had caught him surprised him greatly as well.

“I don’t care who you are, kid. You’re not leaving Cloudshatter Mountain alive today!” Sir Miao chuckled evilly. His tone had turned impossibly cold.

Granny Goldneedle shivered all over and frowned when she heard Sir Miao’s strange voice. She mumbled, “Excuse me, but I have no interest in getting involved in this mess. Goodbye!”

The granny had plainly noticed that she had been dragged into a terrible plot. She always looked out for number one, not to mention that Sir Miao’s bizarre appearance had intimidated her a little. That was why her first thought was to leave as soon as possible.

Before Old Man Clearcloud and the Silversand Cavalier could say anything in reply, Granny Goldneedle was already flying away from the mountains in a beam of light. The Silversand Cavalier shook his head. “Granny Goldneedle is quite strong, but unfortunately, she’s much too selfish.”

Old Man Clearcloud sighed quietly but didn’t say anything.

However, not long after the granny left, a bloodcurdling scream suddenly resounded from the distance. It obviously belonged to Granny Goldneedle. The scream was so terrible that no one could imagine the kind of terror that could cause that stubborn, unreasonable granny to scream like that.

“What’s going on?” Old Man Clearcloud frowned.

Sir Miao suddenly laughed loudly. “Want to leave? It’s too late! The demon emperor is about to descend, and all life in Cloudshatter Mountain will be his sacrifice! Now that the formation is closed, there are no longer any exits for you people to escape to! Hahahaha…”

Both Old Man Clearcloud and Silversand Cavalier turned pale when they heard this.

Surprisingly, Jiang Chen answered as if he had expected this to happen. “As expected, the demon has revealed itself. What else are you two waiting for? Are you going to wait until the demons devour you before you’re finally willing to act?”

Moved by Jiang Chen’s words, Silversand Cavalier looked at Old Man Clearcloud. “Brother, he really is a demon. You and I have no room for further hesitation.”

Even Old Man Clearcloud dared not stay his hand any longer. He nodded. “Let us attack him together!”

Although both of them moved to attack Sir Miao, their performance varied slightly. The Silversand Cavalier had gone all out against Sir Miao, but Old Man Clearcloud was reserving his strength. 

Jiang Chen saw this as clear as day, but he didn’t say anything against it. In this situation, Ole Clearcloud’s actions might be the wiser move. After all, they didn’t know each other and there was a demon present. The smart and cunning would naturally hide a portion of their strength so they could protect themselves during critical moments.

What surprised Jiang Chen was Silversand Cavalier’s passion. He hadn’t imagined that the wandering cultivator would be willing to go all out against the transformed Sir Miao. It greatly changed Jiang Chen’s impression of the other.

With Sir Miao having fully awakened his art, the demonic aura enveloping his body was much stronger than before. The violent aura of a demon soared into the clouds and was an enormous psychological impact. The man himself had become a lot faster as well.

Jiang Chen warned the two wandering cultivators who joined the battle. “Gentlemen, don’t let the demonic cloud strike your core. Also, you only need to harass him. I will bear the burden of killing this demon.”

Old Man Clearcloud was at ease with Jiang Chen’s instructions. He was very wary of the demonic clouds because they were likely corrosive. If they entered his mind and reached his core, he might become a demon puppet in no time. He was aware that the blood of the demon race was extremely invasive.

However, the Silversand Cavalier had different thoughts. Seeing how young Jiang Chen was, he couldn’t help but be worried for the young man. He worried that Jiang Chen might falter under pressure and be killed by the demon. And so he maintained a fierce offense and put great pressure onto Sir Miao, even though he obeyed Jiang Chen’s instructions and toned down his strength.

His actions improved Jiang Chen’s impression of him even more. That being said, Jiang Chen didn’t fear the demonic clouds at all. He had assimilated the Thundercloud Cicada’s bloodline and was one of the very few who were completely impervious to poison and thunder.

The demonic clouds were in fact a type of poison. It was also a lot stronger than the average demonic poison. Protected by the Thundercloud Cicada’s bloodline, Jiang Chen was able to ignore the clouds completely. Not only was the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape completely unaffected by the clouds, his attacks were growing fiercer over time.

He was actually attacking Sir Miao barehanded, using neither the Pentecolor Divine Swords nor summoned the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice. The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice was a natural spirit, but the demonic clouds were incredibly corrosive. Jiang Chen didn’t want it to be hurt by the poison.

It wasn’t a problem however. Although he couldn’t deploy the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, he still had a lot of trump cards to play. While repeatedly using the Supernova Point, Jiang Chen threw the mountain into the sky once more. A flash of golden light later, an enormous mountain had materialized again.

Jiang Chen made a series of hand seals and guided the violent magnetic storms of the mountain towards Sir Miao. The storm now was completely incomparable to the one before.

As he’d unlocked more and more of the mountain’s potential and continuously increased his strength, the storm’s power had increased correspondingly. The deadly power of the storm put Sir Miao on his toes even thought he had transformed into a demon.

He shrieked. “Who on earth are you? How did you come by such a treasure? I demand to know who your master is!”

Jiang Chen sneered. “You’re not worthy!”

Sir Miao howled like a frightened cat. A look of infinite brutality distorted his features. “I want you dead!”

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