Chapter 1151: Sir Miao Turns Into a Demon

Sir Miao never imagined that the young cultivator he deemed to unworthy of attention would be able to overpower him completely, despite just being at half-step emperor realm. He was third level emperor realm to begin with. After he joined the demon race and obtained some of their secret arts, his combat power was top tier amongst the four great wandering cultivators.

He’d originally thought that he would be able to take down this cultivator with ease. Realization of how naive he was quickly followed. Not only was this half-step emperor cultivator not easy to deal with, his opponent had the complete upper hand!

If there was a list announcing those least afraid of the demon race in the Divine Abyss Continent, Jiang Chen would absolutely be ranked among the top. The young man wasn’t afraid of the demon race not because he possessed unparalleled strength. He just wasn’t afraid of them in the first place. This was separated Jiang Chen from the cultivators of Divine Abyss Continent the most.

As the son of the Celestial Emperor in his past life, his knowledge was exceeded by no one...

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