Chapter 1150: Shocking Emperor Realm Cultivators

Jiang Chen rarely ever used the magnetic golden mountain. He hadn’t even used it once in Myriad Domain and once during the Veluriyam Pagoda gathering, but the audience was mostly citizens of the capital. Others who recognize it were dead by now. 

The four wandering cultivators were active within the confines of Great Scarlet Mid Region, located tens of thousands of miles away from Veluriyam Capital. The fact that they knew nothing about the magnetic golden mountain was no surprise. 

The cultivation world was simply too big. Jiang Chen wasn’t reknowned throughout the world yet and hadn’t had much of a chance to shine. His arsenal was relatively unknown. His abilities would only be recognized when he transcended to great emperor realm and became the biggest topic in the entire human domain. Maybe then, others would instantly recognize his treasures and techniques.

For now though, he didn’t need worry about such things. The magnetic golden mountain was capable of multiple forms. All he needed to do was switch it up a little and no one would be able to recognize ...

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