Chapter 115: The Danger Behind Self Satisfaction

Chapter 115: The Danger Behind Self Satisfaction

Elder Ying had already taken a seat and had closed his eyes. He didn’t intend to speak any further. When he heard Wang Li’s interrogative words, his anger boiled again.

Elder Ying rolled his eyes, “What ‘raising an alarm to scare people’? I don’t think I’ve exaggerated anywhere.”

Wang Li spoke loudly, “It’s true that the Long family held the right to move troops, and that their influence threatened their masters. But our Hall is only conducting business. We seek only profit, not power. How can we be lumped in with the Long family business?”

“Hahaha…” Elder Ying laughed loudly. “Those of the Eastern clan need to be the ones to believe your words. It’s not difficult for you to persuade me and the ardently fervorous of the Hall — however, It would be quite hard for you to persuade the royal family.”

Elder Ying’s words made a great deal of sense. After the events of the Long family, the royal family would surely be as if a bird startled by the merest twang of a bow string. They absolutely wouldn’t allow a second Long family to appear.

“Our Hall has always had a good reputation, how could the royal family be unaware of that?” Wang Li said coldly.

“Our reputation has indeed been good. And that’s because our Hall has never expanded to all the duchies, and...

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