Chapter 1149: Defense from the Four Great Wandering Cultivators

Wei Xing’er’s departure alleviated the last of Jiang Chen’s concerns. His load thus lightened, he was ready to jump back into the fray. He lingered another few moments on the formation’s edges before he readied himself for reentry.

Just as he was about to move, something tickled at his ears. He slowed his body and footsteps, pausing beneath a tree and probed the surroundings with his consciousness. His eyes were focused straight ahead.

“Come on out!” he harrumphed softly. His scan had told him about the ambush in the wings. There were two assailants on each side, clearly prepared to intercept him.

Jiang Chen found this a little odd. On his first time out with Wei Xing’er, there had been no one here. He hadn’t taken long to send the girl off, and yet four new people had suddenly shown up.

Have these people come specifically for me? Jiang Chen mused in surprise, but let none of his astonishment show through. His consciousness told him that these four assailants were quite strong. All of them were third level...

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