Chapter 1148: Saving Wei Xing’er

Jiang Chen didn’t bother trading verbal barbs with the Veranda master. He focused all of his thoughts on investigating the secrets of the formation.

The Veranda master snorted disdainfully when he saw that Jiang Chen hadn’t panicked despite his predicament. Suddenly, the ghost of a sneer appeared on his face as he stared at the duo. “I’m going to deal with those people first. As for you two ants, enjoy being trapped by an ocean of blood while I’m gone!”

The Veranda master flew away with an ugly chuckle and vanished into the air.

Wei Xing’er didn’t feel relaxed in the slightest even though their enemy was gone. She stared anxiously at Jiang Chen in apology. “Sorry for dragging you down in the end.”

Jiang Chen didn’t give her a response. He simply stared at the formation with calm and serious eyes. Although the corrosive light was deadly, he noticed that its full power hadn’t been deployed yet. The Veranda master was able to activate this formation, but it was obvious that it was slightly lacking in energy. As a result, it wasn’t able to operate at full power. If his calculations were correct,...

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