Chapter 1147: A Formation of Blood

"Hmph. They’re here much earlier than I’d expected!” The Veranda master muttered to himself with a sinister smile.  He clapped his hands and summoned tongue after tongue of crimson red flames around the altar, flooding the area with a baleful aura.

The Veranda master smiled. “Xing’er, some large rats are attempting to trespass. I must go show them some hospitality. Please excuse me for a second. Don't worry, we’re husband and wife after all. I'll give you a proper loving after I take care of the vermin. I’ll relieve you of your virginity and have a good time before you die.”

Wei Xing’er felt extremely disgusted when she heard those perverted words. “Cui Yu, you unscrupulous bastard! The heavens will smite you one day!”

“Hahaha! If the heavens truly had eyes, they never would’ve let the Yan clan take over Great Scarlet Mid Region! You despicable humans should've gone extinct a long time ago!” The Veranda master cackled sinisterly and disappeared into thin air with a flash of his...

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