Chapter 1146: The Master of the Resplendent Emerald Veranda

Hearing those words left Jiang Chen’s jaws slack. That piece of news was one of the last things he would’ve expected. A secret realm with treasure? And the Veranda’s master wanted to keep its treasures entirely to himself?

Jiang Chen peered into the man’s eyes for a long while. There was no hint of duplicity there. In other words, the captive was probably telling the truth as he knew it. As for whether that was the actual truth, that was another matter. The man was just an underling. He was unlikely to be privy to any important or hidden information.

However, Jiang Chen surmised that it was more likely to be slightly inaccurate rather than outright false. This man was a second level emperor realm cultivator. He was someone strong enough to be a decision-maker, even in the Great Scarlet imperial family. So, did that mean the supposed cultivation breakthrough was just an act? Was a struggle over treasure at the heart of all this?

The revelation astonished Jiang Chen. How daring was this Veranda master, huh? What a monstrous appetite he had! He was planning to keep...

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