Chapter 1145: A Treasure In a Secret Realm?

The Goldbiter Rat King paled greatly and howled in anguish. As he spoke, Jiang Chen trapped it with the Featherflight Mirror and urged the Mint Ginseng into action once more. Countless green tentacles instantly wrapped around the rat king and held it tight. Despite its desperate howls and struggles, the Goldbiter Rat King was unable to break free from the green tentacles. The more it struggled, the tighter its bonds became.

Jiang Chen pulled out the two sky rank spirit herbs from the rat’s mouth and put them away. Then, he slapped a seal onto the rat’s body. The Goldbiter Rat King writhed as if he was electrocuted by electricity. Finally, it was unable to struggle any longer and lay limply beside Jiang Chen’s feet. 

After Jiang Chen was finished with everything, he looked thoughtfully towards the direction of the formation. With his God’s Eyes, the person hiding at the edge of the formation naturally didn’t escape his attention. Everything done up to this point was a show to lure this person out of the formation. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect his prey to be so steadfast. Despite being tempted with the sky rank spirit herbs and Mint Ginseng, the cultivator had suppressed his greed and moved not...

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