Chapter 1142: Wei Xing’er’s Thoughts

It was only after the elder had left did Wei Xing’er’s cold eyes mellow. There was a bit of anger and resentment in her eyes, but she was for the most part pleasantly surprised to see Jiang Chen. It was obvious that his unexpected visit had caught her off guard.

Wei Xing’er smiled slightly when she noticed the lingering caution on his face. “Rest easy, there are no eyes or ears around. This is the Resplendent Emerald Veranda’s forbidden grounds and no one would dare scrutinize this place. To think that you would come to Great Scarlet Capital! I had thought our goodbye back then to be our last.”

Wei Xing’er’s smile looked a little bitter and resentful. It was obvious that her current lifestyle had ground away much of her willpower after so long.

Jiang Chen sighed quietly. “You did me a favor back then, Miss Wei. I’m here to save you.”

“Save me?” Wei Xing’er smiled in self-derision. “I have no roots to return to. Where can I go even if I’m free? I am but a walking corpse here, but at least it’s a peaceful and steady life. Too many years have passed. I hear that Myriad Domain...

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