Chapter 1140: The Four Great Wandering Cultivators

Jiang Chen paid attention to the list of names. Just as discussed, the weakest of the protectors was third level emperor realm. The strongest among them was sixth level: Elder Zhang, the man who was presently a hot topic of discussion.

Another was fifth level, a secluded elder of a certain third rank sect of the region, boasting of immense strength and eminence. Aside from those two, most on the list were fourth level emperor realm. Even the four comparatively weakest names had reached, rather alarmingly, third level emperor realm.

The fact that strength was all relative had to be emphasized. In truth, ‘weakest’ wasn’t really the right word. Third level emperor realm cultivators were uncommonly valuable even in the likes of Veluriyam Capital. In a first rank sect, they would be more than worthy as common elders. If they were from a prominent or powerful background, their position would be even loftier.

The leader of Eternal Celestial Capital’s invading force had only been fourth level emperor realm, his name Gong Wuji. Therefore, a third level emperor realm cultivator was...

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