Chapter 114: Self Satisfied Senior Executives of the Hall of Healing (Teaser)

Chapter 114: Self Satisfied Senior Executives of the Hall of Healing

Many of the senior executives of the Hall of Healing were excited by the royal family’s high regard and were jubilant about sweeping away an opponent such as the Pill King Garden.

During a meeting between the senior executives, the fourth Hallmaster, Wang Li, spoke animatedly, “Lord Hallmaster, since the royal family has weathered a crisis, now is when they need us the most. Perhaps the position of our Hall will greatly increase once again. We should make use of this opportunity to expand our operations, and to open branches in every territory of the kingdom. Wherever there’s a duke present, there should also be a branch of our Hall. In this regard, the Hall will both permeate and be deeply entangled throughout the entire country. Our income and status will all greatly increase.”

Fourth Hallmaster Wang Li was a year or two younger than Qiao Baishi, and could be viewed as one of the future pillars of the Hall. His position had been similar to Qiao Baishi originally, and he’d even been in the running as a future Lord Hallmaster.

However, Qiao Baishi’s astounding performances had continuously stifled Wang Li’s ambitions, and gave him no room to give free rein to his abilities.

Now that Qiao Baishi was out of the picture, the position of Lord Hallmaster of the...

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