Chapter 1139: Revisiting Great Scarlet Capital

Veluriyam Capital was a haven for wandering cultivators. The weather was nice and the environment not as harsh as Pillfire City’s. It was one of the most tolerant nations towards foreigners in the Upper Eight Regions as well. Take the Geng brothers, Geng Qianchi and Geng Qianzhang for example. After they escorted Mu Gaoqi back to Veluriyam Capital, they discovered that the longer they stayed, the more they fell in love with the city. Since Emperor Peerless himself was planning to stay in Veluriyam Capital, the Geng brothers decided that they would remain as well.

Since they used to operate in the northern area of the Upper Eight Regions, the unique culture of the south was also of great interest to them. Most importantly, Sacred Peafowl Mountain and Taiyuan Tower possessed a lot of cultivation resources. Being friends with Emperor Peerless and Jiang Chen, they didn’t need to worry about of resources at all.

When Emperor Peerless and the Geng brothers heard that Jiang Chen wanted to visit Great Scarlet Mid Region, they all expressed their intentions to accompany him. He was aware that they meant well, but a bigger group would...

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