Chapter 1137: The Scent of Danger?

While they were conversing with each other, a messenger reported that Emperor Coiling Dragon had come for a visit. Emperor Coiling Dragon was of course, the Coiling Dragon clan lord. Back then, Jiang Chen had lent him a hand by gifting a Pinecrane Pill that extended his lifespan by a thousand years. As a result, Emperor Coiling Dragon had overcome the bottleneck in his cultivation and entered the great emperor realm in one go. He was now officially the eighth great emperor of Veluriyam Capital.

Jiang Chen had participated in Emperor Coiling Dragon’s crowning ceremony prior to leaving Veluriyam Capital. Today, the emperor’s visit not long after the young lord’s return must indicate some serious business to discuss. Jiang Chen didn’t dilly dally. He immediately set out to meet the great emperor.

Emperor Coiling Dragon had brought young master Ji San with him as well. His friend had grown noticeably stronger and ascended into emperor realm after this period of separation. This shocking improvement caused Emperor Coiling Dragon to regard young master Ji San even more highly than before. For the past few years, the young man’s cultivation had improved in an...

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