Chapter 1136: Returning to Veluriyam Capital

Xiao Qian finally figured out what was going on after listening to the comments floating around her. Had Liu Zhen actually gotten rich? Was he here to turn the tables on Liu Feng? Her heart skipped a beat when she looked at the battered Liu Feng, and then at the lofty-looking Liu Zhen. She finally understood everything.

She suddenly wailed. “Dearest Zhen, this really isn’t my fault. It’s this bastard who forced me to do this! You know he’s a tyrannical bully, and I have no choice but to…  darling Zhen, you haven’t forgotten about me after so many years. You even came back for me. I… I’ve had enough of this! I want to come with you, dearest Zhen. Please, let me come with you. I can warm your bed. I can do anything. Please...”

The speed at which Xiao Qian suddenly changed her tune amused even Jiang Chen. This woman was extremely fickle. It was unbelievable how quickly her attitude had changed. Emperor Peerless and Madame Yun were also frowning. They never imagined that Liu Zhen’s woman would possess such a lousy character.

“Disgraceful!” Liu Zhen yelled angrily. “I’m not surprised at all to find that Liu Feng is a...

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