Chapter 1135: A Proudly Strutting Liu Zhen

Liu Dalang wanted to explode from anger. How could there be someone so stupid?! This wasn’t just any old grudge! His younger brother had stolen someone’s wife! And here he was, talking about it so casually! Did he think that it was something like having taken a piece of candy? That he could just return it, and everything would be fine? The killing of another’s parents and the taking of another’s love engendered history’s deepest grudges.

It was obvious to him that the victim was here for vengeance. His actions so far had been only appetizers, a small taste of what was to come. A pre-emptive ringing of their funeral bells, so to speak. The worst was yet to arrive!

And Liu Feng, that despicable brute… he thought that it wasn’t a big idea, even now? ‘I’ll just give her back if I have to’. Was that even feasible?! 

Hatred at being left destitute wasn’t something that one would give up so easily, at least in Liu Dafang’s opinion. He certainly wouldn’t, if he were in the victim’s shoes. In that instant, he wanted very badly to cut his useless brother down on the spot.

The Liu family’s old man had...

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