Chapter 1134: A Liu Family Thrown Into Chaos

Liu Zhen had learned a lot after wandering for many decades, and many thoughts occurred to him after calming down. If he went directly after the Liu family, it would make him seem petty and narrow minded. Moreover, this method of revenge was much too old-fashioned. Thus, he decided to take a different approach. This method required the help of both Jiang Chen and Emperor Peerless.

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t mind offering his assistance as he’d already decided to help Liu Zhen exact revenge. He was actually quite fond of Liu Zhen’s plans after learning about them.


Vermilion Tang Empire’s Defense Minister Wu was feeling rather downcast lately. His lioness at home was in the worst of moods in recent days and he’d rather avoid going home. However, the lioness had finally gone to visit her own family today. Minister Wu was finally enjoying the peace and quiet. Suddenly, he felt a light breeze by his ear. A person had appeared out thin air!

“A-…” Minister Wu was struck in the acupoint for muteness before he could...

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