Chapter 1133: Money Makes the World Go Round

“Take the money, put down the deed, pack your stuff, and get out of my sight!” Liu Zhen narrowed his eyes murderously. He was slowly growing more comfortable with this new role. He was rich and protected by a powerful patron. There was no reason for him to feel afraid whatsoever.

The owner of this house was trembling with fear and dread. “Please wait for a moment, please wait for a moment. I will pack my stuff and scram with my family right away!” He hurriedly bowed and scraped before Liu Zhen. 

The owner of this house was smart. He understood ] that Liu Zhen had returned for revenge. The wandering cultivator himself might not be all that scary, but the backup he’d brought was. Their mere presence alone was a telltale sign that they were absolutely beyond his ability to provoke. If he refused to relent despite the twenty million on the table, there was a high chance that this advantageous transaction would quickly devolve into a robbery. After all, he hadn’t exactly bought Liu Zhen’s house fair and square back then.

Smart people usually worked very quickly and efficiently. In less than an hour, the now former owner of this house had packed all his belongings, called a dozen or so carriages to cart away the furniture...

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