Chapter 1132: Liu Zhen’s Grievances

Liu Zhen’s ancestral home was located in the Horizontal Mountain Mid Region’s Vermilion Tang Empire. He hailed from one of the empire’s middling families. After disaster struck, his parents passed away one after another. As their only child, Liu Zhen was left with a tidy inheritance.

His ensuing days within the empire’s capital, the Scarlet Tang City, was relatively comfortable because of this. An ample estate and a childhood girlfriend made for a cozy life.

Alas, such days were not to last. A young man from a family ten times better than his, with wealth a hundred times his, suddenly appeared in Liu Zhen’s life one day. His woman walked away without hesitation, despite her pregnancy at the time. She took all he had with her and pawned off everything he owned. Not a single copper had been left for him.

Liu Zhen was essentially left destitute overnight. His home, his fields, and all his businesses became others’ property over the span of twenty-four hours. Driven to the edge of madness, Liu Zhen sought out the woman in a frenzy. But after finding the right place with quite...

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