Chapter 1131: A Guest Pill King

The Han brothers were dumbfounded by the sudden revelation. They’d never have dreamed that Sir Shao Yuan was actually Veluriyam’s Pill King Zhen! Wry smiles and glances were exchanged with each other. Han Qianzhan was a very carefree person. He was disappointed by the sudden turn of events, but quickly accepted the reality of things.

“Oh well. I must say that I’m extremely jealous of Emperor Peafowl for finding such an excellent heir. Veluriyam Capital’s fortunes are still as strong as ever! “ Han Qianzhan exclaimed with eny.

Han Qiansui nodded in agreement. “Pill King Zhen, this means that you’ve defeated Pill King Ji Lang twice in a row! It’ll be most entertaining if news of this gets out! His undefeated legend will be thoroughly ripped into shreds!”

]Jiang Chen smiled and made no comment.

“Pill King Zhen, why does a famous and well-celebrated person like you conceal your true identity? It’s a good opportunity to make an even better name for yourself!” Han Qianzhan couldn’t help but ask.

“Everybody knows that Veluriyam Capital and Pillfire City are rivals. If the city...

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