Chapter 1130: The Great Yu Skysword Sect’s Hearty Invitation

Han Qianzhan rasped out again. “Qiansui, let me try out the Reformation Pill first.”

Qiansui sent the Reformation Pill behind the doors. “Big brother, I’ll wait for you outside. I heard that this Reformation Pill is of exquisite workmanship, so it should take effect immediately.”

Han Qianzhan responded with a grunt of acknowledgement. He was consuming the pill already.

As Han Qiansui waited for his older brother outside, every second felt like an eternity to him. They had gotten the Ancient Reformation Pill alright, so all that was left was to see how effective it was. If the pill was really effective, his older brother would be able to recover his strength. This meant that the situation in the sect could be completely stabilized. If they could persuade Sir Shao to join their sect after that, their sect would more than double in strength. Nothing could stop their rise then!

Time passed by slowly.

A loud, exuberant roar suddenly blasted out of the cave, which was followed by a carefree laugh. 

“Hahaha, Qiansui, this Reformation Pill truly is as amazing as you say. The effects are immediate!” Han Qianzhan shot forth from the cave. His naked, reformed body was completely exposed beneath the sun,...

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