Chapter 113: Master Shuiyue

Chapter 113: Master Shuiyue

‘The Purple Sun Sect’ — this name was a legendary existence to the alliance of the sixteen kingdoms.

The hidden sects were exceedingly mysterious in the eyes of the common kingdoms, and were holy places that others greatly yearned for. If a common practitioner could attract the attention of a hidden sect, then he would surely become an immortal, and those near him could ride his coattails to success as well.

There was no shortage of hidden sects within the alliance of the sixteen kingdoms. But there were four that were considered the strongest — and the Purple Sun Sect was one of them.

On this day, sunlight had just struck the hallowed grounds of the Purple Sun Sect.

A surface of water that was as smooth as a mirror presented a boundless sight. It shimmered as ripples moved across it, giving others a feeling of stately holiness.

This body of water was named the Shuiyue Lake. There were interconnecting islands within the lake, scattered all over like stars in the sky, or pieces on a chessboard. This was the place where the line of Shuiyue of the Purple Sun Sect resided.

Gentle light wreathed the Shuiyue Lake as an auspicious air circled the islands.

At this moment, within a jeweled hall somewhere deep within the depths of an island, was the Master Shuiyue’s base of operations —

A plaque was hung over the great door, marking the entrance into the hall. The words “Shuiyue”...

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