Chapter 1129: Great Yu Skysword Sect

The Great Yu Skysword Sect was firmly top three amongst all first rank sects. It was singular in its pursuit of sword dao, and made mighty because of it. The entire sect acted with a uniform style of efficiency and sharpness. Jiang Chen was happier to deal with sects like these. They tended to lack plots and stratagems as there was little to worry about in terms of curveballs. 

The ceremony that greeted his arrival was stately and grand. Understandably so, for the Ancient Reformation Pill was a burning need for them.

“Haha, I didn’t expect Brother Mo to have come with Sir Shao Yuan. We are truly honored to receive you both.” The person responsible for their reception was, surprisingly, the sect’s third sword emperor and great emperor, Han Qiansui. He was also the clan brother of the Great Yu Skysword Sect’s leading great emperor, Han Qianzhan. 

Both Qianzhan and Qiansui were outstanding geniuses of the sphere, representatives of the pinnacle of sword dao prowess. They served as the sect’s pillars and cornerstones. And so, Emperor Peerless’s acquaintance with the man was completely understandable. 

“Brother Qiansui.” He laughed. “it has been...

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