Chapter 1128: Homeward

Xu Qingxuan quickly interjected when she saw her mother’s heartbroken figure. “Stop asking mother about our younger brother. When the sect expelled him, mother was under house arrest and didn’t get to see him off. She wasn’t allowed to have any form of contact with him at all…”

Therefore, nobody had any leads on his whereabouts.

“Meng’er, could the Moon God Sect have… expelled him from their territory and sent someone to secretly…” Jiang Feng suddenly added.

Xu Meng immediately shook her head. “The sect is definitely capable of such acts if there are no possible repercussions, but they didn’t resort to such measures because of Xuan’er. They didn’t want her to hold a grudge against them. That loss would outweigh the gain. It’s also why I was never harmed even though they slandered me and put me under house arrest for so many years.”

“I see. That’s good to hear.” Jiang Feng bore great hatred for the Moon God Sect, but it wasn’t appropriate for him to spew hatred against the sect as his daughter was a holy maiden.

“As long as my younger brother is alive, we’ll find him one day. I assure you.” Jiang Chen said convincingly....

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