Chapter 1127: Reunited

Xu Qingxuan’s lip curled, but she didn’t give him a reply. She supported her mother as they walked towards the back garden. “Mother, you absolutely must stay calm, alright? No matter what happens, please remember that your daughter is right by your side.”

Xu Meng nodded repeatedly while saying, “I know, I know.” However, she literally couldn’t be more nervous than she was right now.

They quickly arrived at the entrance to the garden. A person suddenly ran out from behind a nearby flower rack and screeched to a halt, staring at Xu Meng and Xu Meng only. They felt as if the entire world had come to a standstill as they stared into each other’s eyes. It had been thirty years. It had been an eternity.

Xu Meng’s tears fell like raindrops as she whispered, “My dearest Feng.”

“Meng’er!” Jiang Feng shed manly tears, and he rushed forwards to hold Xu Meng in a tight embrace. He was afraid that a sudden breeze would suddenly rip away the scene in front of his eyes like a dream.

They had been separated for thirty years and were reunited thirty years later. The outpour of emotions was something no language in the world could...

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