Chapter 1126: On the Verge of Coming Out

Xu Qingxuan’s first and only time getting angry at her master had achieved rather unexpected results. For once, her master had acquiesced. She was surprised, to be sure, but also a little contrite.

“I’m sorry, master. I lost control of my emotions just now.” As a fundamentally kind-hearted girl, she decided to apologize after the fact.

The second sectmaster looked bleak. Xu Qingxuan’s tirade had seemingly struck a chord. “You can go, Qingxuan.”

Xu Qingxuan’s heart was filled with uncertainty by her master’s display. Not daring to say anything further, she merely nodded and walked out. When she mentioned the incident to her mother, Xu Meng was just as startled as her daughter. She did not believe that the Blue Moon forefather could suddenly have had a change of heart. It was virtually impossible to appeal to her conscience. It’s more likely that she was worried about Qingxuan’s potential rebelliousness. Xu Meng was deeply prejudiced against the Moon God Sect. This was especially true for the forefather of the Blues, the second sectmaster.

It was scarcely dawn the next day when Xu Meng began to hurriedly put her baggage together....

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