Chapter 1125: Holy Maiden Xu Meng Crazed With Joy

Xu Qingxuan walked over to her mother and wanted to take a closer look at the earring. However, Xu Meng held it firmly in her hand and kept staring at it as though it was her sole source of happiness and the most precious thing in the world.

“Mother, can’t you let me take a small peek at it?” Xu Qingxuan’s curiosity was piqued.  It took some time before Xu Meng could finally loosen her grip and place the earring gently into Xu Qingxuan’s hands. Her mother was treating it as the most fragile thing in the world.

Xu Qingxuan was also assailed by emotions. She understood that the earring represented the love and yearning between her parents. It was the symbol of hope. She didn’t dare to be careless when she was given the earring. It didn’t seem to be anything special, just a semi-precious accessory from the secular world. A true cultivator would never bother wearing such a thing.

“Xuan’er, this earring is definitely real. Who told you to you give this to me? W-what did he look like? He could very well be your father!” Xu Meng could no longer keep her ...

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