Chapter 1124: The Kiss Had Nothing to Do With Love

The senior sectmaster personally attended to Jiang Chen, and the latter stayed at Moon God Palace for another an hour. After refreshing himself with tea and snacks, Jiang Chen wrote down the appropriate cultivation method. His knowledge from his previous life was useful in this situation. He’d seen at least three with the Yin Yang Reverse Bloodline in his millions of years. In essence, the key to cultivating the Yin Yang Reverse Bloodline was timing. The cultivator would cultivate the arts of absolute yin at certain times and absolute yang at others. 

When the arts of absolute yin and absolute yang was cultivated to the point where they began to fuse with each other, the bloodline would then start displaying its terrifying potential. It was to the extent where even someone with a top rate bloodline like Xu Qingxuan might not necessarily be able to surpass her.

After Jiang Chen passed what he wrote onto Xu Shan, he reminded her, “Big Sister Xu Shan, the Yin Yang Reverse bloodline is somewhat difficult to identify, but it is not as complicated to cultivate as you may think. You won’t encounter any problems now...

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