Chapter 1123: Shocking the Entire Sect

Though Sir Shao Yuan’s words erred on the side of the preposterous, he did open up an entirely new angle of attack.This was an approach that had never been tried before. The suspicions about him began to loosen. Could this young man possibly be speaking the truth? His confidence made it difficult to imagine he was just making it up. Unlike Pill King Ji Lang, he had spoken with surety.

The senior sectmaster took in a deep breath. “Sir Shao, if it is really as you say… how should we fix the problem?”

Jiang Chen waved a hand. “There’s nothing to fix. The effects so far have been superficial at best and no lasting damage has been done. But… Big Sister Xu Shan won’t be able to take care of the Moon God Precious Tree any more.” He turned to the girl in question. “Your Yin Yang Reverse Bloodline should be well taken care of. Get a set of martial methods and principles tailored to you, and your future accomplishments will be limitless.”

He looked back at the Moon God Sect’s senior sectmaster. “That’s at least part of the reason I was congratulating you, sectmaster. With this Yin Yang Reverse Bloodline in your Moon God Sect, you’re sure...

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