Chapter 1122: A Deeply Confused Holy Maiden Qingxuan

Men were quite attractive when deep in thought. Surprisingly, Xu Qingxuan kept her mouth shut while Jiang Chen was contemplating deeply. All she did was stare at Jiang Chen while contemplating something.

First impressions were sometimes very important. The holy maiden couldn’t help but feel that Pill King Ji Lang was too boastful and excessively vain no matter how she looked at him. The image of him being first under the heavens rubbed her entirely the wrong way. Meanwhile, Shao Yuan didn’t use any flowery speech or wear flamboyant clothing. He didn’t even flatter her in any form or manner either. Because of that, Xu Qingxuan noticed that he was truly engrossed with the Moon God Precious Tree instead of anything else. 

She’d initially had her doubts about Shao Yuan, especially since he’d told her to remain through a mental message. She was completely on her guard. If he made any unwanted advances at her, she’d immediately resort to violence. However, things went completely against her...

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