Chapter 1121: Jiang Chen Sets Off

Inside the Moon God Palace, the three sectmasters and six holy maidens were all gathered. Jing Tianbo had returned to the palace with Jiang Chen.

“Honored sectmasters, I have brought Sir Shao with me. Sir Shao, please make your greetings to the honored sectmasters,” Jin Tianbo indicated.

Jiang Chen smiled and walked forward. He cupped his hands together in a salute and bowed slightly. “Wandering cultivator Shao Yuan greets the sectmasters and holy maidens of the Moon God Sect.”

Jiang Chen had enough perception to note that the younger-looking girls were the new holy maidens of the Moon God Sect. A sweeping glance later, his eyes was captured firmly by the girl at the center. Although her features didn’t share too much resemblance with his father, Jiang Chen was certain that she was his sister because of her temperament. His heart moved by the revelation, a trace of gentleness flashing through his eyes.

The young girl he was looking at was none other than Xu Qingxuan. Her first impression of Jiang Chen was much better than her first impression of Pill King Ji Lang. For starters, the young man didn’t hold himself in a pretentious or honeyed way....

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