Chapter 112: Jiang Chen is Under My Protection

Chapter 112: Jiang Chen is Under My Protection

If had been a direct confrontation, spirit qi would've flown out in every direction at the scene if Chu Xinghan’s blow had been directly cancelled out. Any life within several hundred meters would've been affected, with likely nothing remaining alive.

However, for this bout of strength to so effortlessly swallow Chu Xinghan’s blow without raising a single ripple, it was truly too frightening. It was like throwing a huge stone and having it disappear into thin air.

Even if a huge stone was thrown into the water, it would still create a few splashes and give rise to a few ripples.

However, this blow hadn't even kicked up a splash.

What did this mean? This meant that this abruptly interfering person was at least ten times stronger than Chu Xinghan!

Chu Xinghan had started training since he was eight and had met countless rivals and killed countless experts. On his path of training, he had met many strong opponents.

However, Chu Xinghan had never experienced such an overwhelming power even from his honored master Shuiyue. He even suspected that this power didn’t come from one of the sects in the alliance of the sixteen kingdoms.

Jiang Chen’s shock wasn’t any less than that of Chu Xinghan’s.

He was prepared to go down fighting just now, but who would’ve thought that this sudden development...

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