Chapter 1119: Utterly Shameful

Pill King Ji Lang had spent so long setting the scene for himself for this one moment. Everyone, including Pill King Blue Phoenix, was staring at him. These veteran pill kings wanted to see how Pill King Ji Lang would treat the Moon God Precious Tree too. Truthfully, they were all on the same skill level as the pill king, but unlike them, Pill King Ji Lang was young and Emperor Pillzenith’s chosen successor. That was why he put on airs and acted arrogantly.

If he could treat the Moon God Precious Tree, they’d swallow their complaints and let his shortcomings slide by. But if he couldn’t treat the Moon God Precious Tree, then they would have words about his attitude.

As time ticked on, Pill King Ji Lang’s expression grew more and more serious. He’d been full of confidence and certainty at first, but soon discovered that he was unable to diagnose the condition that plagued the Moon God Precious Tree despite scouring through a lifetime of knowledge. He slowly panicked.

He’d wasted a great amount of effort to promote himself as he’d thought this was his opportunity to enhance his reputation and win the heart of the pretty girl who’d caught his eye....

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