Chapter 1118: Moon God Precious Tree

How could Xu Qingxuan possibly tell her mother this development? She didn’t want to lose her mother. For Qingxuan, her mother was the dearest person in the world. She was closer to her mother than her master. In her heart of hearts, she firmly believed that mother wasn’t at all like how the Blues described her to be. Personality and character were embodied in one’s words and actions.

The Blue Moon faction’s members denounced mother every single day, but she never said a bad word about them in return. Though mother was very unsatisfied with the Moon God Sect and thought that they had destroyed her life, she had never uttered a single profanity against them. How could a mother like that be as awful as they described?

As mother and daughter chatted, the voice of another woman came from outside. “Holy Maiden Qingxuan, the second sectmaster noticed that you haven’t come yet. She told me to come fetch you.”

Xu Qingxuan made a silly face then kissed her mother on the cheek. “Mother,” she laughed, “I’m giving you a kiss in father’s place. I hope that you’ll have a nice day today! I’m off to see how master is doing.”

The girl walked out, closing the door of the wooden cottage behind her. “Senior sister...

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