Chapter 1117: Two Generations of Holy Maidens

If Jiang Feng was present, he would’ve been so emotional that he might not have been able to speak. This woman was none other than the beloved wife he had missed day and night for almost thirty years, the previous Blue Moon holy maiden, Xu Meng.

Almost thirty years had put plenty of distance between the couple, but it never managed to pull Xu Meng’s thoughts away from the Eastern Kingdom. She missed her distant husband and the child who’d lost his mother since infancy, Jiang Chen, nearly every minute and every hour.

Xu Meng wore a distressed smile as she murmured seemingly to herself. “Xuan’er, I’m just so incredibly biased. One of your brothers lost me when he was just a baby, and your twin brother was chased out of the sect and abandoned to survive on his own when he was just twelve years old. I don’t even know where he is. I’m only able to stay by your side now. Don’t you think I’m biased?”

The girl she was speaking to was the new Blue Moon holy maiden, Xu Qingxuan. The girl was respectfully addressed as Holy Maiden Qingxuan, and she was the most...

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