Chapter 1116: The Thorny Problem of the Moon God Sect

The grand ceremony ended on a high note amidst great hustle and bustle. Gu Xintang and Ah Li were in absolute bliss. Emperor Peerless and Madame Yun announced during the event that they were taking Gu Xintang as their foster son. Jiang Chen was a bit surprised by the sudden announcement as the emperor had said nothing beforehand.

Jiang Chen knew that the emperor must’ve seen a shadow of his past self with Gu Xintang. It was why this matter had resonated with him greatly. Announcing Gu Xintang as his foster son might seem like a simple affair, but it actually served as a strong warning for everyone.  Any attempt to separate the lovebirds would be a direct slap to the emperor’s face.

Although Gu Xintang had been relatively unknown before this, he instantly became the hot topic of the Moon God Sect. Even those who weren’t particularly fond of him before had changed their opinions. Fate worked in mysterious ways. Simply knowing the correct person was enough to bring an enormous change in one’s life. 


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