Chapter 1115: A Great Emperor’s Backing

Walking over as well, Jiang Chen looked at Sun Yuan coolly. Generally speaking, he didn’t approve of useless dandies like him. The world was full of people like this. Sun Yuan was simply of a slightly higher level than most of those fops.

“So, you’re Sun Yuan, hmm? I don’t know how strong your aunts and uncles and whatever the rest of your family are, but I’ve seen more than my fair share of dandies like you. If you beat up someone today, you should be prepared to be beaten up by someone else tomorrow. It’s all well and good when you bully someone, but you’re crying foul when we put you in your place?” The sarcasm hung heavy on his face.

Having gotten his breath back, Gu Xintang strode to take his place beside Jiang Chen. 

“Sun Yuan,” he glared at his fellow captain. “Ah Li and I love each other. No matter how shameful you plan on being, we will always be of one mind. If you want to be an obstacle to our relationship, then I’ll fight you to the death, regardless of the cost!”

“Good!” Emperor Peerless laughed, applauding loudly. “This is the kind of statement I approve of. Sun...

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