Chapter 1114: New Troubles

Liu Zhen was floored when he learned of Jiang Chen’s true identity. The young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain was the highest status that existed in the Upper Eight Regions! It was an unimaginable height to a small wandering cultivator like him. But now, living proof of that height was standing right in front of him!

Naturally, Liu Zhen was overwhelmed by emotion and excitement. He knew that this was a turning point, his one and only chance to turn around his miserable life. If he successfully seized this opportunity, he would be able to rewrite his life into something completely new and even take full revenge against those who had shamed him in the past.


On this day, Third Master Jing hurriedly sought out Jiang Chen. “Sir Shao, are you free right now?”

“What is it?” Jiang Chen knew that something had happened from his hasty expression.

“Something’s happened to Captain Gu…” Third Master Jing sounded a bit depressed. “He’s been beaten up in Frostmoon City.”

“Captain Gu is a member of the Moon God Sect and a captain of Bleakmoon Hall, isn’t he?” Jiang Chen looked startled. “Isn’t that breaking...

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