Chapter 1113: A New Problem

Emperor Peerless was clearly calling the Moon God Sect blind for not noticing Jiang Chen’s potential, but the latter didn’t say anything and laughed inwardly to himself. It wasn’t really the Moon God Sect’s fault. His bloodline had genuinely been very mediocre when he was young. If he really was a genius, the sect would’ve taken him away long before. There was no chance he’d be left behind in the Eastern Kingdom.

Jiang Chen smiled awkwardly and changed the topic. “Old Brother Mo, I believe you have a rough understanding of my family issues by now. There’s yet another stumbling block before me. The Moon God Sect has been keeping very close tabs on my mother and sister. We must come up with a plan so that our family can reunite.”

Emperor Peerless laughed. “You have two choices. You can barge your way in or have an open, frank discussion with them.”

Barging in clearly wasn’t the smartest idea. There was no way Jiang Chen would even consider it. He wouldn’t mind it if he was the only concerned party, but that wasn’t the case. He couldn’t afford to take such drastic measures when his parent’s happiness was at...

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