Chapter 1112: An Excited Jiang Feng

One had to say, Jiang Feng’s intuition was quite strong.

“Chen’er, I’ve let you down. I wasn’t there to support you in your time of need for so many years.” Jiang Feng blamed himself. “I really feel that I’ve let you down. I’ve let your younger brother down too…”

Jiang Chen was gripped with emotion. “Father, you took care of me for many years already. You even waited until I could stand on my own before you came out to look for mother. I should be the one apologizing.”

“What are you saying? What a childish thing to say. You have nothing to apologize for. Do you think I could’ve escaped the Sable Cells if not for you? Do you think I would’ve learned about your mother’s whereabouts without you? Chen’er, if I had to choose the two things I take pride in the most in my life, it would be knowing your mother and raising a good son like you.”

At this point, Jiang Feng had completely forgotten about his former identity as a duke in the Eastern Kingdom. It was only after he left the Eastern Kingdom and the sixteen kingdoms alliance did he learn about the vastness of the world and his own insignificance. He finally understood why those people had worn that expression...

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