Chapter 1111: A Deep Love Between Father and Son

Staying temporarily within Gu Xintang’s reisdence, Jiang Chen took meticulous care of his father every day. Under his attentive ministrations, Jiang Feng’s wounds healed very quickly. He was mostly healed after roughly four days. Physically and psychologically, he was no different from most other cultivators.

During this entire time, Jiang Chen kept completely silent. He told the older man nothing of their current circumstances. Jiang Feng cooperated by reciprocating that silence, asking no questions whatsoever. He knew that his son urgently wanted to treat his injuries.

The silence lasted until the day of Jiang Feng’s recovery. On that day, he let out a soft sigh. “Chen'er, I didn’t expect us to reunite here, of all places. Why did they take me to the Moon God Sect? Why did they just toss me into the Sable Cells? I only went to the Heavensfall Society to gather some information. Is there something different about the Tilted Moon Region?” Jiang Feng was still utterly lost as to the reasons for having been put through this entire experience.

He’d drifted about the Upper Eight Regions...

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