Chapter 1110: Rescuing Jiang Feng

Jiang Chen had despaired at first when he learned that his father had been sent to the Moon God Sect by the Heavensfall Society and then thrown into the Sable Cells. But hope had dawned in the end. Not only had he found his father in the Sable Cells, but his father was still alive, albeit extremely weakened. As long as his father was still alive, Jiang Chen would be able to restore Jiang Feng to his vigor of yesteryear.

He slowly transferred some energy into his father’s body to strengthen his father’s physique and vital functions. Thanks to Jiang Chen’s treatment from both inside and out, Jiang Feng slightly recovered two hours later. His vitals had stabilized, even though he was still very weak.

“Chen’er… is it just me, or is your cultivation… quite impressive?” Jiang Feng was slightly surprised. Naturally, he could sense the tremendous power concealed inside Jiang Chen’s body.

“Father, let’s chat after we get out of here. Back then, you told me not to come to the Upper Eight Regions to find you before I improved my cultivation level. Although I was very worried for your safety, I didn’t dare go...

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