Chapter 1110: Rescuing Jiang Feng

Jiang Chen had despaired at first when he learned that his father had been sent to the Moon God Sect by the Heavensfall Society and then thrown into the Sable Cells. But hope had dawned in the end. Not only had he found his father in the Sable Cells, but his father was still alive, albeit extremely weakened. As long as his father was still alive, Jiang Chen would be able to restore Jiang Feng to his vigor of yesteryear.

He slowly transferred some energy into his father’s body to strengthen his father’s physique and vital functions. Thanks to Jiang Chen’s treatment from both inside and out, Jiang Feng slightly recovered two hours later. His vitals had stabilized, even though he was still very weak.

“Chen’er… is it just me, or is your cultivation… quite impressive?” Jiang Feng was slightly surprised. Naturally, he could sense the tremendous power concealed inside Jiang Chen’s body.

“Father, let’s chat after we get out of here. Back then, you told me not to come to the Upper Eight Regions to find you before I improved my cultivation level. Although I was very worried for your safety, I didn’t dare go against your will. Instead, I cultivated hard so that I could reunite with you as soon as possible.”

Jiang Feng smiled brightly. “Good, good. I’m proud of you, my son!”

“Come, let’s get out of here.” Jiang Chen carried his father on his back. His speed was barely impacted by the fact that he was carrying a man roughly fifty kilograms. He planned on avoiding the two pursuers who were chasing after him at first, but soon discovered that the path was completely clear. He only saw the two pursuers with awkward expressions on their faces and even afraid to meet his eyes after he emerged. Jiang Chen was a smart man. He immediately knew that Emperor Peerless had used his martial prowess to “talk to” them.

These cultivators didn’t impress Jiang Chen favorably in the least. They were one of the major reasons who’d made his father this way. Still, the discovery that his father was still alive had dispelled most of his fury.

When the experts of the Ten Ultimates noticed that Jiang Feng was on Jiang Chen’s back and seemingly recovering, they all let out a long sigh of relief. They’d fretted immensely just now that Jiang Feng was either dead or couldn’t be saved. It was highly unlikely they would survive if either one of those cases were true, so they all felt like they’d just narrowly escaped a brush with death.

“How is he, brother?” Emperor Peerless walked forward with concern.

“Thank heavens that he can be saved.” Jiang Chen swept a cold glance at the experts of the Ten Ultimates. “I’m aware that the Sable Cells has its own laws of survival, so I won’t pursue this anymore. Don’t expect me to feel any gratitude towards you lot though. I’m going to take him with me. Does anyone have an opinion to share?”

Everyone knew that this young man was young and weaker than they were, but no one dared to rebuke him. They shook their heads in response.

“Young master Shao, please forgive us for being blind and foolish. You are a great, magnanimous man. Please don’t hold this over our heads.” He Fengui spoke seriously. No one thought that he was an embarrassment for speaking so submissively.

“Yeah, young master Shao. If we knew how great your friend is, we would never have plotted anything in the first place.”

“Ai, it’s all the Moon God Sect’s fault. I can’t believe they just randomly throw people into the Sable Cells without checking their background! What a lawless sect!”

Jiang Chen didn’t like to hear such irresponsible words. He didn’t plan to interact with any of them either. He nodded indifferently. “I’m taking a prisoner with me. What will happen if a Moon God Sect member finds out and asks about him?”

“How many die in the Sable Cells every day?” He Fenghui chuckled. “No one cares if a person suddenly goes missing here. You don’t have to worry at all, young master Shao. No one will ever ask about him.”

“What if someone decides to tattle behind our backs?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

He Fenghui swept a ferocious glance across his surroundings. “Who dares be a tattletale?”

“Hell no, who in their right minds would do such a thing? That’s suicide! Plus, almost no one important comes to a place like the Sable Cells. We might not even have the opportunity to do so even if we wanted to.”

“Yeah, yeah! Anyone who snitches will die a horrific death!”

Emperor Peerless smiled leisurely. “You don’t need to worry, brother. Ole He is a smart man. He should know that I can visit the Sable Cells a second time if I want to, so he won’t do such a foolish thing unless he’s made up his mind to become my enemy…”

Emperor Peerless stopped there, but no one missed his underlying meaning. It wasn’t a threat, but it was more intimidating than any verbal threats that exists.

“We wouldn’t dare, not at all…”

“Don’t worry, senior. Our lips are sealed.” The cultivators thumped their chests with assurance. It was obvious that they were extremely wary of Emperor Peerless’ strength and Jiang Chen’s mysterious background. They might be imprisoned in the Sable Cells for now, but it didn’t mean that they were going to rot here for the rest of their lives. Even if this was as far as they went, it was still incredibly unwise to earn the grudge of a great emperor.

Since Captain Gu was around and Jiang Chen and Emperor Peerless dressed as Bleakmoon Hall disciples, no one thought them bringing a prisoner out was off. Their short journey out of the Ten Ultimates was smooth and without incident. When they returned to the outskirts of the Sable Cells, they discovered the shrewd man waiting for them at a corner. His eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw that they had actually brought someone out of the Ten Ultimates.

How… how is this possible? Not only did the group look perfectly unharmed, they were even allowed to leave with their target! Just what kind of madmen had Gu Xintang brought to the Sable Cells? Surprise aside, this was good news to the shrewd man. He hurriedly walked forwards. “Congratulations, Captain Gu. I didn’t think that you would actually succeed.”

Gu Xintang nodded. “You’ve been here all this time?”

The shrewd man smiled ruefully. “I wanted to leave but, where could I go? It’d be suicide to go back to my previous area.” After he said this, the shrewd man smiled awkwardly. “So, Captain Gu, it seems that you’ve succeeded in your endeavor… can you fulfill your promise then?”

Gu Xintang waved his hands. “Come, we will leave together. Are there any belongings do you wish to pack?”

The man was overjoyed to hear this. He quickly waved off Gu Xintang’s question. “There’s no need, it’s just a bunch of trash. I can do without them.”

Pack his belongings? Was that a joke? He had nothing of value to pack. Even he had anything, he would be a fool to go back and get them. He had snatched the other prisoners’ windfall and earned the opportunity to escape while they continued to suffer. He had no doubt in his mind that he had become a public enemy.  Plus, the Sable Cells was about an unlucky a place as could be, so he had no intentions of bringing anything out with him, even if it was valuable. What kind of ill luck would cling to things you took out of here? He wanted to escape from this forsaken place as soon as possible.When they returned to the main entrance, the captain on duty, Captain Qin, frowned when he saw the two prisoners following Gu Xintang. “Why are there two people behind you, Captain Gu?”

Gu Xintang waved his hands. “They hold some vital clues for an investigation. Help me, Captain QIn, and I’ll return the favor if you run into any trouble in the future.”

Captain Qin wasn’t a fool. After hearing these words, he stopped asking questions, nodded and waved his hands with a yell. “Stand down!”

When they exited the main entrance, Gu Xintang asked, “Senior, young master Shao, are you planning to take your friend back to Frostmoon City for treatment or…?”

Emperor Peerless didn’t have an opinion in this matter. He left the decision in Jiang Chen’s hands. However, Jiang Chen remarked, “Brother Gu, is it possible to settle in somewhere nearby for now?”

Gu Xintang answered quickly, “Let us go to my residence then. We won’t encounter any problems there.”

Now that he’d helped Jiang Chen and Emperor Peerless, his next logical action was of course to solidify his connection with the duo. Meanwhile the shrewd man looked a little awkward. He was certain he wouldn’t be able to leave the sect’s domain without someone to help him.

“You’ll come with us too.” Jiang Chen glanced at the shrewd man. “Oh right, what’s your name?”

The shrewd man answered quickly. “My surname is Chu, full name Chu Nan.”

“If you leave now you’ll never be able to walk out of the Moon God Sect’s gates. Why don’t you come with us.” Jiang Chen’s tone made it clear that it wasn’t a question, but an order.

“Of course, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. It would be my honor.” Chu Nan wasn’t lying. Even he had come to the realization by now that these two were extraordinary. How could they be normal if they were capable of bringing a prisoner out of the Ten Ultimates? The opportunity to mingle with these people must be the product of the good karma he cultivated during his past life.

Gu Xintang was at best middle-level management in the Moon God Sect. Therefore, his residence was located slightly farther away from the heart of the sect. Still, it was overall a quiet place suitable for cultivation. His status also earned him a relatively spacious abode. Since Gu Xintang was still single, he lived alone and led a carefree life. It also meant that Jiang Chen’s group didn’t crowd his residence in the slightest.

Emperor Peerless looked around for a bit before smiling, “Little Gu, you are a captain of Bleakmoon Hall, aren’t you? So why are you still single? Why haven’t you found a loving partner who suits you?”

Gu Xintang smiled. “A suitable lover is easy to find, but a marriage after my heart… is not so easy.”

The captain’s smile looked a little rueful. It was obvious he had a sad story that he didn’t wish to speak of.

“Just leave it up to fate. When it is time, you may find yourself love bound before you know it.” Emperor Peerless was renowned for his tale of love. His love story with Madame Yun was famous even among the wandering cultivator community.

After settling his father down to rest, Jiang Chen walked out of the room. “Brother Gu, I may be imposing on you for some time to come. Do you mind?”

“It is no problem at all. I couldn’t invite honorable guests like the senior and young master Shao in the norm, so why on earth would I find you imposing? Please, do as you wish.” It wasn’t false courtesy. Gu Xintang was very happy for Jiang Chen and Emperor Peerless to stay in his residence since it was a good opportunity for him to get closer to them.

“Also, please inform Third Master Jing to treat my companions well,” Jiang Chen added. Long Xiaoxuan and Madame Yun were still at the first division. He naturally couldn’t neglect them.

“Don’t worry, I’ll for arrange things accordingly.” Gu Xintang gave his word.

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