Chapter 111: Senior Brother Xinghan

Chapter 111: Senior Brother Xinghan

“Yu Jie, you would’ve wrecked the honored master’s affairs if I hadn’t come. You couldn’t even handle a small matter such as this, and almost caused the honored master’s hand picked disciple to lose her life. In my eyes, your title as one of the ten great disciples was really just to fill the numbers.”

This senior brother Xinghan didn’t seem as arrogant as Yu Jie, but his faintly spoken words of censure were enough to cause Yu Jie’s forehead to be covered in sweat.

“Senior brother Xinghan, I…” Yu Jie couldn’t express himself.

“Forget it.” Senior brother Xinghan waved his sleeves, and said to Long Juxue, “Junior sister Long, I am your foolish brother Chu Xinghan, the second disciple beneath Master Shuiyue. The events of today have caused a great fright to junior sister.”

Long Juxue was a weeping beauty like a pear blossom bathed in the rain, a look that caused those who saw her to not help but love her as she said sorrowfully, “If it wasn’t for senior brother Xinghan rushing here in time, I… I probably wouldn’t have been able to see the honored master again.”

Chu Xinghan nodded his head slightly, flicking a sideways glance at Yu Jie and saying nothing else.

Both of his feet stomped, as his entire being floated up in midair. A blue whirl of air blossomed beneath his feet like a lotus flower,...

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