Chapter 1109: Father and Son Meet With No Recognition

Emperor Peerless completely understood their mindset as he was also a wandering cultivator. Fists spoke the loudest when dealing with their kind. Neither empathy, camaraderie, logic, or gratitude would work on them. They were a bunch of stinking rocks. Words would never penetrate their thick skulls. The best way to get their cooperation was to beat them into submission or win them over with bribes. It was futile to try anything else.

Emperor Peerless naturally wouldn’t bribe them. Force was his method of choice.

“Old He, what exactly are the rules that you speak of? I’m so very curious,” he asked blandly.

He Fenghui smiled ruefully as he begged for forgiveness. “Esteemed senior, please stop making fun of this junior. How could there be rules in a place like this? Strength is king! Anything you say will be taken as law here!” 

Emperor Peerless pointed at Gu Xintang. “Captain Gu is my friend. He came all the way here, yet you wish to teach him manners? You wanted to teach him the meaning of death?”

“My sincerest...

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